efeito de deslizamento suave e automático
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Avenida F, # 88, Bairro Bosque da Saúde
Cuiabá, Mato Grosso - Brasil

+ 55 65 2128-8888

The decor of Padaria do Moinho, as well as functional, is attractive and draws attention to the product quality of each place. Stylish, reformulated, and daring are some nice words for these decorations. Following this trend in the Padaria do Moinho hits the market, with details that will impress the consumer. The banks of the diner are the same as Harley Davidson. Your countertop is “blue”granite "blue" produced in Amazon. The  luminaries of the cafeteria environment are the same as the old streets of São Paulo. The stairs to the restaurant are the Chile and Bolivia wood , and your railing is built with wrought iron, by Italian blacksmiths iron hands. The chandelier over the staircase, came from Spain, detail studded with 10,000 pieces of Czech Republic crystal. Flowers, although artificial in its most tulips, coming from Holland. Porcelain tableware and goings of Italy and the Netherlands will be on sale. Among many other innovations in products, the customer will be able to find on their shelves.