efeito de deslizamento suave e automático
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Avenida F, # 88, Bairro Bosque da Saúde
Cuiabá, Mato Grosso - Brasil

+ 55 65 2128-8888

Sustainable development means we use our unlimited ability to think instead of our limited natural resources. The goal is to create ideas that seek to reduce  the emission of pollutants and stimulate research and scientific development of sustainable innovations .

The building of Padaria do Moinho its structure has focused on environmental preservation and energy savings, with advanced technology, focused on high productivity. Its walls were lined with Teca wood  reforestation, providing beauty and rustic tone to the environment. The lining is of German mineral fiber, which is not flammable, and that even under a fire of a torch or combustible material they do not catch fire. The conductors of energy are also coated with the same material and being  nontoxic for not expel any smoke.

Today, to be a sustainable company means not only save paper or replace plastic cups. It means to have a business that guarantees the balance of the environment, with ethical procedures, with the goal of providing quality of life people.

It is with this ideal that Padaria do Moinho born, with the goal of being a good company for the environment and for the people involved in this process.

The success of business depends on technology planning of equipment. . Inside Padaria do Moinho, the customer will be able to observe it. Slicers are German, American Plumbing, Italian gondolas and Balconies, Switzerland Cellar,  Japanese preparation counter and glass-house exposure, Italian Espresso Machine Computerized, Germany Extractor Coffee Powder. Beyond the Boards of Frozen and Refrigerated Storage, which have dual function, facing self-service, 9 doors being frozen and chilled products 18. With all this technology the interprise must meet consumer expectations and all the new trends.